International tax consultancy


Team consultancy with international professional network partners

We also support Italian entrepreneurs seeking to develop their business abroad through internationalisation processes, opening commercial channels or joint ventures (contractual or corporate) with foreign partners.

The firm uses the collaboration of a consolidated network of international professional partners of the highest level, present in the major European and non-European markets, thus being able to provide the client with a safe and reliable point of reference also in the management of contractual, corporate and financial instruments in foreign legislation.

Particular attention is paid to the examination and study of the interactions between the various tax systems and existing treaties against double taxation and the use of holding companies as a “gateway” to access specific markets in full compliance with the regulations of the countries concerned.

We assist our clients in complex international issues including, for example, those relating to the analysis of transfer pricing in transactional intragroup relations, the setting up of permanent establishments or subsidiaries or the opening of foreign VAT offices.



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