New merger with Studio Dott. Fabrizio Franchi – Prato

We are pleased to announce the merger, with effect from 1 July 2024, of the law firm of Dr. Fabrizio Franchi in Prato into Chiostri-Conti-Dani & Partners.

With this operation, the CCD & Partners firm acquires a high-level professionalism and long-standing experience in the field of tax and business consultancy, specialising in the restructuring of companies, and thus entrenches its presence in the Prato area.
“We are honoured”, explain Dr. Andrea Chiostri, Dr. Tommaso Conti and Dr. Daniele Dani, the name Partners of the CCD studio, “that a professional of the experience and calibre of Dr. Franchi has enthusiastically embraced our project and we are certain that this operation will allow us to further raise the quality level of the studio and to enter, in the right way, the demanding and dynamic entrepreneurial market of Prato, strengthened by the experience of someone who really knows Prato.

Our firm has long since embarked on the path of dimensional growth, focusing on the diversification and high quality of the consulting services offered, in a context that asks us professionals to be increasingly true business partners of the entrepreneur.

The CCD & Partners firm now has about 30 people, located in offices in Florence, Sesto Fiorentino and, now, Prato, and offers highly specialised ordinary, extraordinary and international tax and business consultancy services.

In the context of the growing complexity of the professional services sector, the importance of the dimensional growth of professional firms has become an unavoidable necessity.

As far as we are concerned, we are only at the beginning of a path of aggregation and growth of our firm which, in the coming months, will reserve other very important novelties”.

Fabrizio Franchi, a well-known Chartered Accountant with 54 years’ membership of the Prato Register, emphasises this need, pointing out that ‘I have always been convinced of the need for professional firms to grow in size….’. Franchi goes on to say that “the ever-increasing complexities that the profession of Chartered Accountant is facing and the need for huge investments in technology must be the impetus for aggregations that, I hope, will be more and more frequent.”

It is precisely with this in mind that Dr Fabrizio Franchi decided to join CCD & Partners, a firm with high professional standards and a strong inclination towards innovation. “I have found in Chiostri-Conti-Dani & Partners the professional skills and the propensity to invest, also in human resources, that I had been looking for a long time and I am proud to be part of the team they have created,” says Franchi, also stressing that “a state-of-the-art structure, but with the client focus that has always been characteristic of my firm, is just the ideal environment to continue to provide a high quality service to my clients as we face together the challenges of the present and the future.”

With this union, Fabrizio Franchi and Chiostri-Conti-Dani & Partners aim to consolidate their skills and resources in order to offer increasingly cutting-edge and customised solutions to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding and diversified clientele.

The headquarters of the Prato offices of CCD & Partners, whose team will be supported by the fundamental active role of Mr. Fabrizio Franchi, is located at the address of Via Adriano Cecchi 30, close to the Pecci Museum of Modern Art.